Not my sister, you asshole

  • "Easy Access"

    *TRIGGER WARNING: Gang Rape*  My assault took place my Sophomore year at Pepperdine. In short, my best friend and roommate Stephanie was literally ...
  • The girl I love, tried to rape me.

    *TRIGGER WARNING: Attempted Rape* A long distance relationship means many things for those involved. For months, it meant talking everyday for hour...
  • What would your Mother think of you?

    Every hope, every fear, everything. I kicked, I cried, I begged, I bit, I pushed, in my most shameful moment I kissed. I felt my chest filling with fiery acid. I was going to be sick. “Que pensaría tu madre de ti ahora?” I tried. With this his grip loosened, he had lost control for less then a half second. He was thinking and  I was running, through the manicured garden. I didn’t look back and he didn’t follow.
  • Not my Sister, you Asshole

    At the ages of 6 and 10, my sister and I saw a boner for the very first time.  My sister gave her very first handjob that day wearing overalls and sneakers. Don’t you dare tell me she was asking for it. To this day,  I avoid interacting with middle-aged men when at all possible. 9 years later, we’re still working through trauma from that day.
  • Stolen Innocence

    My memory was triggered like a tripwire one afternoon on a middle-school playground while my girlfriends gave giggled descriptions of what older girls do on dates. Listening to them with a blank gaze I realized I wasn't exactly a stranger to those acts. The flood gates had opened.