Mini Skirts Forever Varsity Jacket

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This varsity jacket stands for liberation from rape culture. It stands for the right that every single woman has to wear whatever the hell she wants, without being sexually harassed or assaulted. 

The silhouette of the woman on the front left chest of the jacket represents women reclaiming their bodies and their sexual nature - ON THEIR TERMS. 

Since the early 1960s, miniskirts have existed as a symbol of women's liberation. In fact, miniskirts became so politicized that when designers failed to show them on the runway in 1966, a group of women who dubbed themselves the "British Society for the Protection of Mini Skirts" protested outside, in mini skirts, carrying the infamous signs that read" Mini skirts forever."    

As we're amidst yet another surge of women's liberation, we believe this statement still exists as a symbol of the movement.

PS: There is a hidden message on the bottom right flap, inside of each piece 


- Faux Leather Sleeves

- Wool Base

- Full embroidery on back and front left chest 

- DO NOT MACHINE WASH, dry clean only 

- Made in China