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Every 98 seconds, someone in the United States is sexually assaulted.

Even more astounding, one out of every six American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. Sexual assault is a centuries-old issue but in the past few months conversations around sexual assault have erupted in the media and behind closed doors. The question of the year seems to be, what’s next?

After the #metoo movement, several non-profit organizations have begun popping up to aid survivors, while public figures continue to step forward utilizing their platforms to shed light on the brevity of the issue. 

But my question was, what is next for the millions of everyday people that have experienced such trauma? How do we actually begin shifting toward a zero tolerance culture?

As a former non-profit owner, I was familiar with the thresholds that come with a non-profit status.

As an entrepreneur, I understood the responsibility of a brand to address social justice issues. What was once a business model option, has now become an obligation.

As a survivor, I understood the brevity of this issue and have personally experienced the raw and heavy emotional trauma that you carry forever.

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That is why is 98society was born. The perfect blend of not for profit and for profit where-in, a percentage of proceeds are donated to charities focusing on survivor services and preventative measures, while those charities program efforts are integrated into our “in real life” experiential events and consumer relations. 

We promise to ALWAYS challenge the meaning of a social enterprise brand; and to always, be the best versions of ourselves. 

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98society offers sexual assault survivors and their allies nationwide, contemporary apparel with impressionable hidden messages that with purchase, supports preventive programs and survivor services.

98society will also offer experiential events to ignite a zero tolerance culture and a blog platform to safely speak about and hold conversations around the spectrum of sexual harassment to sexual assault.

Join us as we embark on a long journey, for we have barely begun to scratch the surface.

In strength,

Sierra Dowd | CEO, Founder 


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(yup, that's me) 

5 Random Facts

  • I live in Los Angeles
  • I am originally from the Bay Area (510!)
  • I am gay
  • I have two pups that I love like children 
  • I have the mouth of a sailor (sorry Mom!)